The universe lost the human version of David Bowie on January 10, leaving fans, artists and just about anyone with a pulse saddened, but also incredibly grateful that they were able to live alongside a true original genius. Social media has been jam-packed with people sharing memories and reflecting on what Bowie meant to them, painting a picture of a gigantic talent who managed to be incredibly warm and kind to everyone he met, despite vast fame and wealth.
On last night’s episode of Conan, the program’s namesake and huge music fan took some time to share some Bowie clips from past shows that demonstrate just how naturally funny Bowie was, and how willing he was to go along with whatever silly ideas the Conan writers would throw at him.

If you’ve been spending the past 24 hours incessantly listening to every Bowie song ever and trying to keep it together like we have, this video will afford you a nice little break to have a few laughs: