It’s kinda dumb to make a list like this because there’s no way the comedy experts at Just For Laughs would dare book any duds for their first ever west coast festival. But in case you’ve already spent the bulk of this year’s laugh money on a new fart machine and can’t afford to see EVERYTHING at JFLNW, here are five acts you may want to drop some dough on. 

Kyle Kinane

We’ve been to a lot of Just For Laughs and a handful of JFL42s and every time we see “Kyle Kinane” on the bill we get giddy. Kinane’s an expert  storyteller and self-deprecator, and if you worship party dudes like we do then you’ll appreciate that no one’s got drunker than him on Drunk History.

Janeane Garofolo

This is another one of those “no duh” type picks because any time you get a chance to see Gar-Gar live, you take that chance. She’ll be rocking two shows during the fest, Feb 23rd and 24th, so see her once, twice, or not at all if you’re a total dumbo.

Margaret Cho

When we saw Cho at JFL gala in Montreal she took off her pants at one point, and while that’s by no means a guarantee when she hits the stage on February 19, it does mean you’re in for an outrageous time from one of comedy’s best.  If you’re looking for a chance to make your parents very uncomfortable, bring them out to see Cho and kick start that estrangement. 

Nick Thune

A guitar-brandishing storyteller of the highest order, Nick Thune blends deadpan wit and absurdity with a last name that rhymes with “tune”. If you’re one of those weirdos who’s way into the modern beard then there’s extra value because he’s got a pretty nice one.

Michael Che

You probably know Michael Che as one half of Saturday Night Live’s current Weekend Update team, but if you don’t then you’re likely wondering who he, and the other half of the team is. We’ll let you figure that out on your own. Before Che got the desk gig, he spent at least a year (probably way more) honing his stand-up skills which were good enough to turn him into one of the buzziest comics around.