‘Keanu’ is a Polynesian word meaning, “cool mountain breeze”; it should be the name of a shampoo but it’s most famous for being the first name of a famous Canadian hunk, and soon to be famous for being the name of a cute kitten starring in a movie named after it.

Keanu meows its way into movie houses on April 29th, and if you’re wondering why we’re bothering to tell you this it’s because the movie stars Key & Peele’s Key and Peele, was co-written by Peele, and directed by Key & Peele’s Peter “Key & Peele” Atencio.

According to its first trailer, the movie will find the sketch darlings pretending to be bad boys in an attempt to retrieve Peele’s adorable kitten Keanu back from the hands of a dangerous gang. If you loved the show but always wished the sketches were about 90 minutes long, then chances are you’re going to dig this one.