The Jon Stewart era of The Daily Show is fading into legend, with host Trevor Noah slowly but surely making the show his own. One of the last talismans of the Stewart age was lost last night, when on the first show of 2016, a new theme song arose from the rubble giving Noah an anthem he can call his own.

Don’t freak out, Daily Show freaks. The track is a re-imagining of “Dog on Fire”, the long-standing theme song originally created by Bob Mould and later modernized by They Might Be Giants. This new futuristic version is made considerably more bangin’ by Timbaland and King Logan, who’ve sped things up and added modern drums and bleeps and stuff that might finally get the attention of your millennial children.

You can hear the track briefly off the top of last night’s episode, which we’ve conveniently embedded below using the latest Internet technology. Watch the whole thing because besides the theme song, there’s a ton of jokes and an interview with David Cross, which is way better than whatever it is you’re doing right now.