If for some reason you’re a regular reader of this blog you might have wondered how we select the limited amount of material we post here on a daily or sometimes bi-daily basis. It’s a pretty hearty mix of instinct, obligation fulfilment and personal taste, but above all it usually comes down to good old fashioned relevancy.

For example, the reason we’re highlighting the following Hannibal Buress interview from last night’s Daily Show is because our channel is called “Comedy”, Hannibal Buress does comedy and The Daily Show is on Comedy and is usually funny, which is the main characteristic of comedy.  Simple, right?

In what you’re about to digest, Buress chats with Noah about health, his appearance in South Africa and some other things that are better experienced rather than described.

If you’d like to see Buress do some acting you can catch him on the highly-anticipated season premiere of Broad City on February 17 at 10ep on Much. SYNERGY.