Donald Trump has been called a lot of things during his illustrious life: Tiny-Handed Barf Rag, Tanned-Face Mud Weasel, Dumb Donny, Ol’ Cotton Candy Hair, Stool Ghoul, That Idiot, The Fart of Fifth Avenue, The Chief of Chunks, Lil Squinty, The Wealthy Mop, Butt In A Suit, Liar, Host of The Apprentice, and yes, even Hitler.
It can’t feel very good to be compared to the worst human of all time, but how do you think Hitler feels? Well, we got our answer on last night’s Conan, when a Adolf himself made a brief appearance to address the comparison that seems to gain traction any time Trump opens his mouth.
It’s not that Hitler disagrees with Trump, it’s just that he’s not impressed at the way he goes about things. Check it out:

Hahahaha it’s not really Hitler, it’s Sarah Silverman! Delightful.
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