Saying that Amy Schumer has literally been everyone over the past two years is almost an accurate use of the word literal.

The comedian wrote and starred in one of the biggest comedies of 2015 with Trainwreck. Her hit series Inside Amy Schumer was one of the buzziest shows of the year thanks to brilliant skits like 12 Angry Men and Last Unf**kable Day. Schumer signed a multi-million dollar book deal for an autobiography that is slated to drop later this year, and her famous friendships, including one with Jennifer Lawrence, and new relationship with Ben Hanisch, have kept her front and center on all the gossip mags.

Amy Schumer is overexposed. She knows it. And she doesn't care.

That's the theme of the first promo for the upcoming season of Inside Amy Schumer, which premieres in one month. In the hilarious new promo, the comedian sees a doctor who recommends she stay hidden for a while and avoid any publicity. Thankfully, Schumer continues to be a badass role model and refuses to apologize for her success, which means a brand new season of Inside Amy Schumer.

Season 4 of Inside Amy Schumer premieres Thursday, April 21 at 10:30E/7:30P on Comedy.