As Donald Trump’s pursuit of the American crown continues to gestate like a wart on the butt of a leech, it’s getting tougher to justify even mentioning his name for fear that we’re somehow contributing to his popularity. But through the power of jokes, the men and woman of late night are doing their best to make America realize the danger a Trump presidency represents, and anytime one of them strikes a blow, we’re eager to share.
John Oliver has been a reliable solider in the battle against Trump and on the most recent Last Week Tonight he delivered a scathing review of the one policy Trump has actually offered details on—his big, sexy wall.
Oliver and the team put together a hilarious feasibility study of the Mexican border wall, addressing its actual price, the likelihood that Mexico will pay for it, its ineffectiveness against ladders--specifically DeWalt brand ladders--and much more. Check it out and share with anyone who thinks a wall can solve any problem other than separating rooms and holding up posters:

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