Second City Toronto debuted its 77th Mainstage Revue last night, and in the grand tradition of the legendary comedy theatre the show featured incredible performances, silly characters, catchy tunes, and references to the city in which it was birthed.
The Hotline Always Blings Twice features Leigh Cameron, Kyle Dooley, Becky Johnson, Etan Muskat, Kirsten Rasmussen and Kevin Whalen onstage against a simple red and white curtain in the style of our flag, eschewing the more elaborate, multi-tiered sets of past shows. As per the revue’s title, the bulk of the sketches had a modern bent, focusing on problems that humans of today face. To give you an idea of what to expect, here are the top five things expertly joke-ified in the show:
5. Modern Filmmaking
What begins as two women pitching a series of serious, thoughtful films with diverse characters to a panel of Hollywood agents ends up in the creation of a white-washed movie franchise starring Tom Hardy and a turkey. The whole cast gets a chance to shine in this one and enables a nice little callback in the second half of the show.

4. Jays Bandwagon
It’d be hard to find anything to complain about regarding the 2015 Toronto Blue Jays, but some hardcore fans managed to bring some negativity to the table by chastising bandwagon jumpers who weren’t around for the hard years. This is gloriously represented in a sketch where dad Kevin Whalen takes 9-year-old daughter Kirsten Rasmussen to a Jays game only to be berated by a mustachioed fan played by Kyle Dooley.  Things get pretty tense, and then INCREDIBLY tense as Whalen slowly reveals the insane path that led him to this particular game.


3. Facebook Personalities
No matter how nice or cool you are in real life, there’s a good chance that your circle of online friends finds your Facebook personality insufferable. In this bit, Rasmussen has had enough with the various personality types encountered daily on Facebook and decides to unleash a massive un-friending. Staged beautifully and written sharply, this sketch will appeal to anyone with Facebook, even your mom.

2. Uber VS. Taxis
The cast smartly frames the Uber Vs. Taxi debate in the style of the show’s title inspiration—as film noir featuring Dooley’s suave (and probably German) Uber and Whalen’s more sad sack Taxi fighting for the fare of femme fatal Leigh Cameron.


1. Justin Trudeau
Utilizing what we believe is the show’s sole wig, this show-stopping number showing the secret power behind Justin Trudeau’s popularity brought the house down. Dooley stars as the dashing PM and belts out an epic auto-tuned jam surrounded by some great choreography and lighting. It may be easier to make jokes about conservatives but this sketch proves it’s a lot more fun to take shots at liberals.
The Hotline Always Blings Twice is now running at The Second City’s Mercer Street theatre in Toronto until July 3 so check it out