The way the U.S. presidential election has been playing out so far, it seems oddly appropriate that you get the latest news right here on Comedy.
We’ve got the unbeatable trifecta of The Daily Show, Nightly Show, and Full Frontal with Samantha Bee filling you in daily, nightly and fully with expert analysis and world-class satire made easy thanks to the bushel of buffoons currently battling it out for the title of America’s Main Mom. Things will only get hotter in July when all or most of these programs take their talents to the Democratic and Republican conventions to further pull back the curtain on real life dramedy of the election.
In the meantime it’s probably a good idea to stay informed, and the only way to do so other than talking to that annoying guy at work who thinks he knows everything, is to watch a ton of these hilarious shows.
Samantha Bee has been especially fervent in her coverage, providing easily digestible weekly updates such as the one we’re about to conveniently highlight. In the latest GOP developments, mathematically eliminated challengers John Kasich and Ted Cruz have teamed up to try to stop old Donnie Trump, while the latter has started acting presidential in case he actually becomes president.  

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