The weather report is very handy but you need a degree in weatherology to decipher all those numbers and strange symbols. Here’s an easy-to-understand forecast using difficult-to-comprehend stock photos:

Partly Cloudy // 2°C in Whitehorse

Spring is here but you don’t really understand it.

Northwest Territories
Mainly Sunny // -21°C in Yellowknife

It’s like, sure I get to enjoy a couple pineapple rounds, but I gotta work out first.

Blowing Snow // -21°C in Iqaluit

It’s probably too cold for "topless young boy", but it's juuuuust right for "topless young man"

Mostly Cloudy // 10°C in Vancouver

Business as usual.

Mostly Cloudy // 9°C in Calgary

This “smiling man holding small fish” is satisfied but knows he could’ve caught a better one.

Partly Cloudy // 2°C in Saskatoon

I guess it’s spring?

Light Snow // -2°C in Winnipeg

You want chocolate but that stupid asshole keeps brining you cabbage.

Light Snow // -1°C in Toronto

‘Nuff said.


Mostly Cloudy // -5°C in Quebec City

Like “young man in suspenders holding empty beer mug”, it feels like spring will never start pouring.

Newfoundland & Labrador
Drifting Snow // -7°C in St. John’s

Comin’ at you like “angry grandma brandishing rolling pin”

Nova Scotia
Mainly Sunny // -6°C in Halifax

Good news is you get an apple for dinner, bad news is you still gotta wear a scarf.

New Brunswick
Sunny // -4°C in Fredericton

“Honey, go enjoy the sunshine even though you hate everything”

Partly Cloudy // -7°C in Charlottetown

Kinda weather that traps you indoors and forces you to eat your spouse, eh?