After what has felt like decades of endless campaigning, the red, white and blue smoke of the presidential primaries has cleared, leaving only Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to insult and pander their way to the plastic throne of the United States.
There's no doubt that the next five months of campaigning will be ripe with memorable moments that will further strengthen America’s position as Earth’s Walmart, but we cannot forget the path that led us there. Samantha Bee and the Full Frontal team certainly haven’t forgotten, as the primaries have been a major topic of discussion on the show, helping it charge out of the gate to become one of television’s best, and most respected new programs.
On last night’s brand new episode, Samantha Bee poured one out for the recently deceased primary season, reminding us how America ended up with an orange lemon-sucker and a former First Lady as choices for supreme ruler.  
The Democratic story is a simple tale, but the Republican side reads more like an epic fantasy novel rife with trolls, goblins, orcs, and dark magic. But it is no better summed up than Bee’s assertion that “Trump isn’t what Republicans stand for—he’s what they bend over for”. Check it:

Oh, and here’s Sam, Jon Stewart, and a tiny horse: