There’s this old movie called Ghostbusters that came out in 1984, which became a mega-hit because it was scary and funny and starred these young funny guys who everyone loved. Then in 2016 they’ve made this new Ghostbusters movie that’s sort of a remake of the original Ghostbusters starring these young funny women who everyone loves. Some are mad that the new Ghostbusters isn’t the same as the old Ghostbusters even though they’re lucky to get any Ghostbusters at all.
To clear up any Ghostbuster confusion, Jimmy Kimmel invited both sets of Ghostbusters to his show to talk Ghostbusters. Be warned that by watching the following clips you’ll get awfully sick of Ray Parker Jr.’s Ghostbusters theme song.
First, Jimmy helped us get to know the new Ghostbusters made up of Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, Melissa McCarthy, and Kate McKinnon by playing a classic “Who’s Most Likely To…” game, which was all a segue into the big reveal of the old Ghostbusters:

The new Ghostbusters got the chance to bust first, and started off by talking about how crazy it was when they realized they were Ghostbusters and that sort of thing:

Then they addressed the backlash they faced when a bunch of in-your-face Ghostbusters fans got mad that the new Ghostbusters is a female version of the old Ghostbusters:

It was now the old Ghostbusters’ turn to talk Ghostbusters so originals Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, and Bill Murray along with Ghostbusters secretary Annie Potts took the stage and reminisced about the Marshmallow Man with some help from Guillermo.

These guys are the original bad boys of film as evidenced by this next set of stories:

Then they reacted to some photos of Ghostbusters fan tattoos:

It was now time for Ghostbusters new and old to unite, with Bill Murray giving a definitive stamp of approval to the cast. Most people listen to Bill Murray so this is a pretty big deal.

Let’s dance!

You’re pretty sick of that song, eh?