The day of Monday is the crud in your cannon; the scum on your sandal; the dirt in your diaper. It’s so bad that in 1977 the Canadian Medical Association recommended all citizens spend every Monday in a dark, dry environment, safely encase in an aluminum cage containing nothing more than a vitamin-rich bell pepper and small tin of water.
Most Canadians have ignored this advice in favour of keeping their jobs and tans, so any bit of sunshine on a Monday can go a long way. We’d like to do our part to get you motivated in a segment the Internet calls, #MondayMotivation.
Laughter is the best medicine for diseases that aren’t real, and thankfully the Monday blues are more a conceptthan an actual ailment. So if your Monday stinks because you just got diagnosed with something shitty like terminal warts, close this window and go hang out with your buddies at the arcade instead.
For the rest of you, enjoy the therapeutic laughs elicited by Katherine Ryan, who graciously agreed to be filmed for our beloved stand-up show, Just For Laughs: All Access. We recognize it’s a cheap move trying to get video views under the guise of #MondayMotivation but it’s every man for themselves out there and we gotta motivate our bosses to keep liking us. Enjoy!