Hey, remember Oprah? She had a wildly popular talk show, make beef farmers made, and has a boyfriend named Stedman. She’s very famous in the United States and abroad, which is why it was a pretty deal that she put aside some time in her busy schedule to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night.
We doubt that Oprah chose to go visit Jimmy; it’s more likely that her PR forced her onto the show to promote her new church show, Greenleaf. But thanks to the code of late night talk shows, conversation was not limited to the current project of the celebrity, giving Jimmy a chance to get some silly stuff in too.
As you’re well aware of, Kimmel is running for Vice President of the United States, and took this rare opportunity to get an endorsement from the immensely powerful Winfrey. Before she gave her golden stamp of approval that’s shaped like a money sign in front of a map of Chicago, Oprah needed to hear Jimmy’s platform, which he was more than eager to share. Will Jimmy get the endorsement he so badly needs?

Kimmel also asked Oprah about the 
possibility becoming Donald Trump’s running mate, which has been mentioned by the squinty orange man in the past. If she offered a serious, “yes” you would’ve probably heard about it by now, so enjoy her rejection:

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