If you’re looking to gently embarrass your old ass parents this summer then you should bring them to a screening of Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping. The new Lonely Island movie is packed with cameos from celebrities they’ve never heard of, technologies they didn’t know existed, references they don’t understand, and a couple of world class dick jokes that will make them squirm worse than when they realized you had begun masturbating.  
That means that it’s the perfect movie for anyone under the age of 35, or over the age of 70 where the anger of not knowing what’s going on is replaced by utter fascination. If you’re a fan of the boys’ silly, yet incredibly catchy tracks then you’ll love this thing because it’s basically a Lonely Island album with a movie weaved in.

The film mockuments a dimwitted popstar named Conner4Real (Andy Samberg, duh) whose solo career is on fire after parting ways with The Style Boyz, a group made up of himself and his two childhood best friends. While one Boy named Kid Contact (Jorma Taccone) stays by his side and becomes his DJ, other Boy Lawrence (Akiva Schaffer) resents Conner for not giving him songwriting credit on his breakout solo track and becomes a shitty farmer in exile.
Things in the movie start happening when Conner’s second album totally flops, forcing him to take on corporate sponsors, a fiancée, stage gimmicks, and a trendy up-and-coming opening act named Hunter The Hungry (Chris Redd), modeled after Tyler, The Creator. Does Conner have the strength to drag himself out of the toilet, reflect on his life and career, and make up with his best friends to reunite The Style Boyz in time for the Poppy Awards? It doesn’t really matter because there are so many good jokes in this movie that you won’t care much about the plot.
The pop universe is expertly panned in this baby but some of the standout gags are of course the songs, including a hilarious Macklemore-esque social consciousness track about sexuality, a TMZ spoof starring Will Arnett, Chelsea Peretti, Eric Andre, and Mike Birbiglia, and the aforementioned dick jokes that feel fresh and exciting in a world full of dick jokes.
After you apologize to your dad for tricking him into seeing this movie, remind him that it’s simply your generation’s version of his favourite movie, Spinal Tap, discuss the differences between the two, and then go grab some ice cream.
Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping is probably in theatres tonight.