Once Letterkenny became a bona fide homegrown hit, the Bell Media executives who keep us clothed and fed took the next logical step and started looking for more Canadian talent to make cool shows with. After finding nothing in the great mountains of Saskatchewan and the vast seas of Quebec, the team looked southward toward Los Angeles where they discovered an old friend named Russell Peters.

Word out of headquarters is that the legendary Canadian comedian will be shooting a brand new, hour long, four-part, fish-out-of-water dramedy made by CraveTV with some help from our wise elders at CTV. It’ll be Peters’ first ever scripted TV series, which is kinda nuts when you think about it.  
RUSSELL PETERS IS THE INDIAN DETECTIVE will start shooting this fall for a 2017 CraveTV release, and will star Peters as Doug D’Mello, a charming, smart, ambitious Toronto cop of Indian heritage whose dreams of becoming a homicide detective are put on hold when he is unjustly suspended. While on leave, D’Mello visits his dad in Mumbai, where he gets embroiled in a local case and pursues an impressive and beautiful attorney. As a dangerous investigation unfolds, D’Mello must also grapple with culture shock in a country where, despite his heritage, he is an outsider. The series is going to shoot in Durban, Mumbai, and Toronto, so it won’t even look fake.
“I couldn’t be happier that my first leading role in a series will be on a show with not only my name in the title, but a show that lets me do drama and comedy at the same time,” said Russell Peters. “The fact that it’s actually set in Canada and India is an added bonus!”

Congrats Russell!