In the eight years that Barack Obama has been head hog in the United States, the Chicago native has been a divisive figure among the American population, attracting equal parts fan and foe. It’ll take some time before his legacy is permanently etched into the grease-stained pages of America’s history books, but if Jimmy Fallon has anything to say about it, his time in office will be remembered as being smoooooooth and sexy.
The federally-mandated White House evictee made an appearance on The Tonight Show last night, and was a willing participant in the program’s famous Slow Jam the News bit. Obama took the stage to lay out all he has accomplished over the past eight years, accompanied by Fallon and The Roots who interpreted the president’s legacy as the sweatiest, sexiest period of American history since the days of Gerald Ford. He also managed to get a few shots in at Jimmy, and Donald Trump with a rock solid “Orange is not the new black” burn, showing Republicans that they can disagree with his politics but they can’t deny how cool he is.

Watch the full episode over at and consider dropping this video in your time capsule for future generations to enjoy.