It’s way too hot outside to do anything except swim or die, so we totally understand if you’re not willing to head out to catch some comedy. If you are in the mood to laugh but are too proud to own a TV or subscribe to one of many premium streaming services that offer large amounts of comedy, then perhaps the Comedy in the X series is for you.
We previously told you about Comedy in the Wolf Den, which is but the first entry in a trilogy of digital shows hosted by Jordan Foisy. Like their predecessor, the rest of the series includes stand-up sets from a diverse lineup of Canadian comedians who congregated at unique venues in Toronto to be shot crisply by the talented Brothers DePaul.
Comedy in the Print Gallery features Nick Reynoldson, Jordan Cohen and Deanne Smith doing jokes in you guessed it, a print gallery.

And the third video, Comedy in the Markham House, stars Jess Solomon, Arthur Simeon and Brian Ward performing in some sort of house presumably on Markham St.

These guys are always busy creating new stuff so check out their website for more comedy in weird AND regular places!