The country went bonkers last night when a member of the previously unknown Canadian singing team, The Tenors, changed the lyrics to O Canada during their rendition at the start Major League Baseball’s all-star game in San Diego, Manitoba.

Subbing in "We're all brothers and sisters, all lives matter to the great” for the traditional "With glowing hearts we see thee rise, the True North strong and free" was a well-intentioned but horribly misguided move that not only offended many Canadians, but sounded terrible. Still though, like the second Caddyshack movie, it could’ve been worse. We got a hold of the offending Tenor’s satin bound notebook with a treble clef etched on the cover, and found that he had some other ideas that would’ve caused even more of an uproar. Check them out:

♬ I hate baseball and every sport, except for women’s golf 

♬ We’re all stupid and crazy, but at least we don’t love guns 

♬ Ontario can go to Hell, New Brunswick f**kin’ rules 

♬ In Game of Thrones, Jon Snow ain’t dead, nor is he Ned Stark’s son 

♬ This song’s too long, I’m getting bored, I want to stop singing 

♬ With shining swords, we fight the orcs, with Gandalf by our side 

♬ Sweden stinks so does Japan, we’ll battle them any time 

♬ Eat Burger King, the Whopper’s good, 2 bucks for 10 nuggets 

♬ I hate you dad, enough’s enough, let’s never speak again 

♬ Please help me out, I have to poo, I’m so embarrassed, man