The Suicide Squad is packed with the world’s baddest asses, including a clown woman, an alligator, and an unemployable guy with tattoos on his face. They’ve got most mischief covered, but they are missing a master prankster who could show all the pansies of the world how to have fun while being a bit naughty at the same time.

The obvious choice for the role would be Jimmy Kimmel, who’s made a career out of creating all-out anarchy on the Hollywood elite by staging outrageous stunts that would make the Joker proud. Kimmel’s long career of shenanigans has given him several enemies hell-bent on outdoing the master, and on last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, one such adversary emerged from her Las Vegas lair for an attack in Jimmy’s own home.
Britney Spears brought an elite team of highly-trained wigglers to Jimmy’s palatial L.A. estate in the middle of the night and staged an impromptu pop music assault in the host’s own boudoir. Jimmy, clutching his pillow and chewing on his night guard, was totally confused as Spears gyrated on the same bed he gyrates naked alongside his wife. It was a brash display of prankery that we’re hoping will inspire Kimmel to get back at Spears at a later date and time. Check it out:

Doesn’t the entrance to Jimmy’s look like Jurassic Park? Anyway, tune-in to Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight at midnight for more stuff like this!