Yo, have you ever seen Another Period? It stars comedians Riki Lindhome and Natasha Leggero as two wealthy, fame-hungry socialites living in 1902 Rhode Island. If Keeping Up With The Kardashians ever had sex with Downton Abbey, Another Period is the child they’d bare.

Normally we’d make fun of you if you haven’t seen it but today we’re too hot and exhausted to even bother, so we figure we’d do you a favour instead. First of all,
you can watch episodes of Another Period for free on your computer right now by heading over to the website of the channel that beams the episodes to your TV screen. And if mommy and daddy got you CraveTV for your birthday then you can watch EVERY episode right now without even having to leave your house.

We’re going to assume that you stopped reading this blog in between paragraphs to get caught up on the show, and have now returned to read the rest to see if we fulfill the promise of the headline. Ready?

Okay, so Riki and Natasha rode their steel horses over to the Daily Show set last night to chat about their show with Trevor Noah. After explaining what it’s all about, they drop some ridiculous but true facts about the turn of the century, like how women weren’t allowed to read college-level books because for fear they it shrink their ovaries. This led to a fun game where they read some other goofy facts, challenging Noah to guess whether they’re real of fake.

By the end of the video you’ll be an expert in all things Another Period, which will help you should Trivial Pursuit ever release a “Comedy Central Shows Circa 2016 Edition”.