It’s the Roast Battle finals and the chants of “Battle! Battle” by the Montreal JFL audience are louder and longer for this last live fight. Guest judges Sarah Silverman and Judd Apatow (who’s proud, excited, and ashamed to be judging this competition) are in the joke thunderdome to choose a champion. Here’s who came out on top:

Match one: Sarah Tiana vs. Earl Skakel

Dressed in the maple leaf boxers that Roots rejected for its most recent Canadian Olympic line, Skakel attempted to take gold in the battle against Tiana.

Sarah’s best burn: “Earl doesn’t have kids. Unless you count the ones on his hard drive.”

Earl’s best burn: “Sarah has a drink named after her called ‘The Tiana’. It’s a vodka Red Bull with a Plan B chaser.”

Who won: Sarah Tiana

Who should have won: It was a fair fight but Tiana clearly bested her opponent. There were no hard feelings though. After roasting each other, the two hugged, kissed on the mouth, and even humped a little. Well, Earl humped, Sarah calculated the time between this moment and her next shower.

What the judges had to say: “I was very distracted by the maple leaf moving to the left.”—Judd Apatow on Skakel’s lack of pants AND shirt.

Match two: Mike Lawrence vs. K. Trevor Wilson

In which Lawrence battles his heavier doppleganger and we learn that no one should feed either of these guys after midnight.

Mike’s best burn: “You sound like an animatronic Santa running out of batteries. The only thing lower than your voice is you chance of finding love.”

K. Trevor’s best burn: “Mike followed in his mother’s footsteps and became a shitty comedian. We’re all waiting for him to follow in his dad’s footsteps and fuck off forever.”

Who won: Mike Lawrence

Who should have won: Lawrence was on fire tonight. The guy earned it.

What the judges had to say: After a short debate over whether this battle of the beardos was a logging competition, an ice cream trucker match, or a roast, Judd Apatow congratulated both competitors, telling them that they’ve “made their family so proud tonight.” Note that family is singular.

Match three: Earl Skakel vs. K. Trevor Wilson

Third place is the second loser but Skakel and Wilson fought like this actually mattered to more than just their moms.

K. Trevor’s best burn: “Earl’s a Kennedy cousin and in honour of his family, every time he gets on stage he dies a tragic death.”

Earl’s best burn: “K. Trevor’s favourite soda is gingerale. Not because he’s a redhead, but because he leaves every girl in Canada Dry.”

Who won: Earl Skakel

Who should have won: Skakel. That Canada Dry burn: so mean, so topical, so culturally relevant.

What the judges had to say: “I could never do this! I mean, I have and I’m very good at it.”—Sarah Silverman, praising (we think?) these brave Roast Battlers.

Match four: Sarah Tiana vs. Mike Lawrence

It’s the championship title match and the American South, represented by Georgia Peach Sarah Tiana, is getting another crack at the North: New Yorker Mike Lawrence. Does anyone else feel weird about that?
Sarah’s best burn: Sometimes simple is best. We loved it when Tiana referred to Lawrence as “Dirt Vonnegut.”

Mike’s best burn: “People are asking if I’m going to put Sarah in her place. She’s a 38-year-old woman in comedy. There isn’t one.”

Who won: Mike Lawrence

Who should have won: Lawrence. Roast Battle knows how to choose its judges. These guys get it right almost every time.

What the judges had to say: These were our favourite judge comments of the entire competition:
“It’s very hard to beat Mike because clearly he has no feelings.”—Judd Apatow

“Mike, you’d have to be much meaner to Sarah for her to find you attractive.”—Sarah Silverman

What the Roast Battle Reigning Champion had to say about his big win: “I’m starting to feel all the jokes they said about me.”—Mike Lawrence

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