When we saw that this year’s Just For Laughs festival would include a special screening of Sausage Party featuring a celeb-laden Q&A, we contacted our top contacts with hopes of securing a couple of seats, and a spot on the red (ketchup?) carpet.
As they tend to do for good boys who finish their dinners, things worked out for us and we managed to get some interviews, watch the movie, and listen to stars Seth Rogen and Kristen Wiig, directors Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan, writers Kyle Hunter and Ariel Shaffir, and moderator Judd Apatow talk about the world’s first R-rated CGI animated flick.
If you love Rogen and Co.’s past work then you’ll totally eat up Sausage Party, which is somehow way crazier than what the red band trailer promises. Here are ten, spoiler-free factoids gleaned from the Q&A that will someday make it to the IMDB trivia section if some dweeb hasn’t already added them.
It takes a long time to make one of these
It’s easy to assume that a movie like this wouldn’t take very long to put together, but according Rogen it took about a decade from start to finish. That included four years of writing while Rogen and the writers were working on other movies, and five years of animation. Rogen said his motivation was to be the guy to make the first R-rated CGI movie because he was sure somebody was going to do it eventually.
It was a refreshing change of pace for the directors
Director Conrad Vernon whose credits include Shrek 2, met Rogen when the pair worked on Monsters vs. Aliens, which he also directed. Rogen saw Vernon as a natural fit for Sausage Party and pitched him the idea at his house after some ceremonial puffs off the strong spinach. Vernon said he’d wanted to direct an R-rated animated film ever since seeing Heavy Metal as a kid, and noted that everyone who worked on Sausage Party was extremely excited to do something other than a children’s movie.  
Rogen’s creative process is simple and effective
Apatow and Rogen discussed their creative process and how Rogen tends to build movies around key scenes. They said that in the case of Superbad it was the dick drawings and the period blood dance parts, and that in Sausage Party it was the image of food being horrified at getting eaten, and an insane penultimate scene that we can’t spoil.

Nick Kroll is an improv genius
Voice actors were encouraged actors to improvise, and no one did it better than Nick Kroll who literally plays a douche in the film. His skills impressed everyone but the editor who had to sort through hours of various takes, which according to co-director Greg Tiernan is more than enough for ten more Sausage Party movies.  
Puff Daddy almost played a bottle of Courvoisier
For a movie about a hot dog trying to have sex with a bun, the producers managed to score some top notch voice talent, including award-winning thespians Salma Hayek and Edward Norton. One fan wondered if there was anyone huge who turned down a role in the film, and Rogen replied with a great story about a phone call with Sean “Puff “P Diddy” Daddy” Combs. They wanted him to play a bottle of Courvoisier, and he was way into it until he realized very late into the pitch that the movie was to be animated and not live action.  
The MPAA didn’t meddle as much as expected
To avoid an NC-17 rating while still keeping the movie delightfully dirty, Rogen and the team borrowed a strategy from Trey Parker and his experience with Team America by making the first cut of Sausage Party “significantly grosser” than intended. That way the MPAA would force them to edit out the overly naughty stuff while leaving the optimally naughty stuff intact. Turns out the censors didn’t have much of a problem with the first cut leaving the film ruder than they could’ve ever dreamed. One of the only notes the MPAA gave was to remove pubic hair from a CGI pita bread’s ball sack, which they were more than happy to do.
Yes, stupid parents will take their kids to Sausage Party
You may have heard that the Sausage Party red band trailer was
accidently inserted before a screening of the G-rated Finding Dory. Rogen said he tried to find the traumatized children who saw the trailer to talk to them and explain everything, but it turns out their parents wanted nothing to do with him. Rogen is very confident that a lot of “stupid parents” will take their kids to see the movie, which will add another layer of hilarity should you be lucky enough to share the theatre with them.
Keep your eyes peeled
According to director Greg Tiernan, there are TONS of visual gags hidden throughout the movie. This wasn’t the work of Rogen or the writers but rather the animators who Tiernan claims are “fucked up people”.  
Rogen said he’d love to make a sequel and that the film’s open-ended climax could easily make that happen. Tasty. 
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To prove we weren’t lying about actually being there, here’s what went down on the red carpet where Matt O’Brien got to talk to those who made Sausage Party the sausage party it is today: