We admit that things have been a little one note around here lately, what with many of our shows dedicating themselves to election coverage, and us dedicating ourselves to abusing alcohol at the world’s best comedy festival. It feels like we all need to take a deep breath, sit back in our ergonomic office chairs, and enjoy some good old fashioned nonsense. And who better to do that than a man who’s well-known for inserting the letter “Z” into words that don’t normally have the letter “Z”?
Woof! Snoop Dogg made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night for a second edition of Howz it Mizzade,a game where the rapper/actor/Long Beach native is shown footage of something being made in a factory while trying to guess what it is that is being made. It’s fun, informative, and is the perfect length for someone who doesn’t have a lot of cellular data left but still needs to kill some time before the damn bus shows up.

Wow! I always though bowling balls were made by chiselling and smoothing chunks of meteorite. At least now if you ever wake up on the floor of a bowling ball factory and have no clue how or why you’re there, you’ll know exactly where you are.  
Check out Jimmy Kimmel Live weeknights at midnight, and if you’re totally bonkers for Jimmy, watch Roast Battle where he was a judge during night three of the festivities alongside entertainment’s Seth Rogen.