If you’re a comedy lover then there’s a pretty good chance you LOVE Doritos brand tortilla chips. Doritos: Trust Our Dust. It’s also likely that you’re a fan of Tig Notaro, a well-known practitioner of the comedic arts who has danced with drama in the past bunch of years thanks to a now legendary stand-up set on the subject of her breast cancer, a bangin’ documentary, and a new TV show called One Mississippi that’s more autobiographical and less about a woman who’s way into hide and seek.

We’re certainly fans, and are looking forward to her headlining gig at this year’s JFL42 in Toronto where she’ll be eating at the restaurants we can’t afford to dine in, and smiling in wonder at streetcars that we enjoy bashing regularly on social media. It’s not like we need to prepare for her visit (besides putting the finishing touches on the life-sized doll we’d like her to autograph) but her appearance on last night’s Conan certainly helped us get excited for the show.

Tig opened the interview by bringing out her fresh twin baby boys donned in matching Sia wigs. The twins’ babysittier encouraged Tig and her wife to protect their anonymity because she knows a thing or two about the subject. Just who is this babysitter??

Then came the subject of family vehicles with Tig wanting a new minivan, assuring us it’s not for the bits that go along with owning such a laughable machine, but rather for an elaborate Emmy entrance.

You can catch new episodes of Conan online or Mon-Thur at 12:30E / 9:30P on Much, and can see Tig and more at JFL42 this September in Toronto, Ontario. Let’s go Blue Jays!