Today’s modern person doesn’t have any time for late night TV, what with the Internet, high concept video games, and innovative new sex moves that require tons of practice. That’s why it’s up to us in the comedy media to provide updates on late night happenings, including appearances from mega stars, and those rare times when a guest starts bleeding on stage for no reason.
In this case of this update, we’d like to draw your attention to an appearance from comedy professional Andy Samberg on last night’s issue of Jimmy Kimmel Live!. A true master like Samberg is the best kind of talk show guest because his crippling fear of not appearing  funny, which has producing several memorable roles in television and motion pictures, forces him to be funny all the time.
In this first clip Samberg recounts his experience hosting a past edition of
Discovery’s Shark Week and the hidden dangers involved. If you’re a teacher and are using this clip to teach your class about something, ask the students a follow-up question: If someone wanted to attract YOU, what kind of chum would they use?

Jimmy also touched on Samberg’s now recognizable signature look that leads to a new nickname that would’ve made for a snappier, yet more confusing headline for this blog post:

With Jimmy hosting this year’s Emmy Awards, Samberg’s experience as host came up, enabling him to recount a nice little story about meeting his all-time here, Mel Brooks.

In conclusion, Andy Samberg rules and so does Jimmy Kimmel Live, the latter of which you can watch Monday – Friday at midnight on Comedy. Tonight’s guests include Dr. Phil McGraw, Pamela Adlon, and music from Bastille. Can you even imagine what kind of blog posts these guests will inspire?