Hey Canada, it’s time to start simmering your gourd gravies because autumn has officially arrived! Everything outside has begun dying for another year, leaving behind tons of gnarly crud. Thankfully, we Canadians are exposed to some of the most stunning crud in the world so get out there and enjoy it with your family. Here are some of the best spots in the county to spot beautiful decay in its prime—break out your camera and go explore the annual dance with death that we Canadians are lucky to enough to enjoy every year!

Lip River Orchards // Gimli, Manitoba

You know you’re in the right place when the familiar stench of rot starts tickling your beak. Keep your eyes on the ground to spot the lost remnants of the harvest but don’t stare too long because you’ll need to mindful of the orchard’s famous wasp swarms.

The Shores of Honker’s Pond // Gatineau, Quebec

Always a hotspot for local crud spotters, The Shores gained national notoriety following the Belvedere murders of ’03. While there are no longer signs of dead bodies, the blood curdling screams of that fateful night echo among the mud, dead leaves, stagnant water, and rat nests.

St. Pinch Park // Red Deer, Alberta

This is a rare opportunity to witness living crud interacting with the more traditional inanimate crud. Visit following a rainfall to experience wriggling slime in all its fall beauty and keep your fingers crossed for an appearance by a local murder of crows.

Hydroelectric Fields // Mississauga, Ontario

An artist’s dream, these barren areas among the hydroelectric poles of suburbia captures both the death of nature, and childhood innocence. Keep your eyes peeled for traces of cruddy teens, which can include empty liquor bottles, discarded drug paraphernalia, and lewd graffiti.

Wiggle’s Wood // Conception Bay South, Newfoundland

It’s absolutely fascinating to see crud give rise to its own crud, and there’s no better place to witness it than this famous bog. Visitors are cautioned not to consume the hideous fungi, which can cause blindness, death, and even a psychedelic experience that might change the way you view government forever.  

Old Ron’s Property // Weyburn, Saskatchewan

This area is bursting with man-made crud from one of Saskatchewan’s cruddiest citizens, Old Ron. Wear boots with steel shanks to safeguard your feet against the rusty old nails littered across every square inch of this musty paradise. You might even catch a glimpse of Ron himself, who is known to chase trespassers with an old exhaust pipe that he’s sharpened into a crude cudgel.