After getting a taste for the socialist-tinged politics of Bernie Sanders, millennials have been hesitant to try the downhome cookin’ of Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton. We don’t claim to know the exact numbers but from the headlines we’ve passed by en route to sports scores and Brangelina obits, Clinton is not doing so hot with the younger set who prefer a candidate who knows how to use email properly. That’s probably why Clinton’s team agreed to her appearance on the hip, Internet-friendly show Between Two Ferns hosted by every boy’s favourite man, Zach Galifianakis.

The affable Barack Obama heaped tons of young person cred on an already big pile back in 2014 when he shot a segment on Ferns. Even through Clinton isn’t as naturally likable as Obama and has at times come across as cold and distant, she nailed her appearance on this fake show by being self-deprecating, and aggressive toward her orange counterpart.

As always, Galifianakis does the heavy lifting with several slick burns directed toward Donald Trump, while grilling Clinton with goofiness including questions about potentially being the first “girl president”, her typing speed, and her signature pantsuits. 

The first debate of the season goes down Monday night so it’s no surprise that Clinton is attempting to lighten herself up before she’s to face off against Trump. We recommend skipping the debate and watching coverage from The Daily Show and Full Frontal instead because you’ll get the gist of it PLUS jokes.