Yesterday I hit my breaking point—I’m finally tired of the U.S. election. All the think pieces, arguments, and accusations that mutated after the nuclear blast that was Monday’s debate is making me feel like I should retire to my cave to wait until the fallout has subsided, only to return to a world vastly different than the one I know and sort of love.
But then I remembered there was a brand new episode of Full Frontal on Wednesday night and I was right back out there with the other bandits, grasping at any new scrap of debate analysis Sam and her bees were willing to toss me.
Living in Canada means we get to enjoy this election from a safe distance, but you still can’t help but wonder what it’s like on the front lines. On last night’s show, Full Frontal contributors gave us a firsthand look at the current climate when they visited Republican and Democratic viewing parties in New York City. Unsurprisingly, the Republicans—congregated at a Times Square sports bar—were convinced Trump destroyed Clinton despite any evidence, while the Democrats—nestled into an historic gay bar—were proud of Clinton despite showing little emotion during the debate… except for this guy, he was quite animated:


The piece concludes with a debate between the above human .gif and American Kickboxer 1 star, Brad Morris, who has clearly been kicked in the head one too many times. Enjoy!

Full Frontal will once again air next Wednesday night at 10:30ep instead of the usual Monday so adjust your babysitter accordingly!