The world will be watching tonight when the first head-to-head verbal battle between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton goes down somewhere within the borders of the country for which they are fighting to become ruler of. If this election were the destination on a road trip, the first debate would be the billboard letting us know we’re almost there--promising something great on the horizon only to let us down in the end.   

Hopefully this first debate will offer something in the way of actual politics as so far the election has been more about scandal and mudslinging than policy and spud bringin’ (the traditional exchange of potatoes). Both candidates spent large portions of their campaigns accusing the other of wrong-doing while ignoring the things that really matter to voters like economic policy and prospective names for future White House pets. While it seems that neither candidate has a spotless record when it comes to being naughty, John Oliver found that one of them is much worse.
If you were to guess “Donald Trump”, you’d be extremely correct. After doing some good old fashioned research, Oliver found Clinton’s email thing as well as her Clinton Foundation dealings were “irritating but not grossly nefarious”. Trump’s scandals on the other hand are worth scandalizing because they’re far more scandalous as far as scandals go. His own Foundation hasn’t seen a cent from its namesake since 2008, and has been caught using donations to settle lawsuits Trump has been named in.
It’s much easier to just watch the segment which will do a much better job preparing you for tonight’s debate than an entire year’s worth of talking heads on cable news.

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