It’s been a really garbage time for Patton Oswalt ever since the untimely death of his wife Michelle McNamara earlier this year. While it’s safe to assume that one never truly recovers from the tragic loss of a loved one, it’s a good sign that Oswalt was able to open up about his new reality, and be funny about it, while on Conan last night, describing the experience as “every bad 80s sitcom, except my sitcom sucks”.
Anyone lucky enough to have avoided grief in their lives thus far can learn a lot from Oswalt who told Conan that last week’s big Emmy win was like getting a “taste of happiness”. The more substantive elements of goodness were nowhere to be found despite reaching an incredible career goal that he attributed to his late wife.  


It certainly didn’t help that Mother’s Day was right around the corner following McNamara’s death, forcing Oswalt to formulate a plan to help distract his young daughter from the constant reminders of motherhood that the fake holiday brings. He executed his plan perfectly until they ran into a straightforward Polish lady in an airport who kind of ruined the whole thing.

Watch the full episode on Much and stay tuned for hilarious poignancy once Oswalt returns to the stand-up stage.