The fifth annual JFL42 comedy festival starts tomorrow in the sleepy hollow of Toronto, and if any of you are visiting to take in some of the action, or stopping in because you’re touring every Keg restaurant in the country, we’ve got the digital video for you.

We invited five of this year’s 42 to our lavish onsite PaRty PaTio to answer some questions that cover both the good and bad of Toronto, as well as some other fun stuff that we had to add because we couldn’t think of any other Toronto questions.

Our lovable cast of comedians is delightful cross-section of the local scene and includes DeAnne Smith, Mark Forward, K. Trevor Wilson, Amanda Brooke Perrin, and The Flirty Boys (Ann Pornel, Ali Wylie, Allison Hogg, Alessandra Vite). The gang takes turns drawing questions out of a dirty old Blue Jays bucket hat then provides important information about the city in which comedy will be dumped upon starting tomorrow. Check out details on the fest and stay tuned for more JFL42-related stuff here on COMEDY.