Remember a time when people on the Internet spent their valuable data on arguing who should be hosting our favourite late night shows? It was only a little over a year ago that Jon Stewart left The Daily Show in favour of a guy we didn’t know very well, and many people were scared that this would lead to their beloved TV show not being as good as it had been. That all feels like a gigantic waste of emotions, poignant tweets, and think pieces now that the WORLD is being taken over by a guy we DO know well because his entire career has been a vomitus expression of everything that’s wrong with everything.
Still though, we’ve been conditioned to look toward our late night leaders to bring calm, perspective, and humour to otherwise totally non non-heinous situations and Jon Stewart was one of the best of all time. That’s why we’ve written an entire two paragraphs to introduce the following glimpse of little Jon from last night’s Full Frontal

If you need more laughs be sure to check out Stewart’s predecessor on The Daily Show before Donald Trump somehow stops us from posting full episodes online. And be sure to watch Full Frontal with Samantha Bee continuing its assault on the absurdity of it all Mondays at 10:30ep on Comedy. The end.