Barack Obama’s eight years as ruler of the free world has been a bumpy rollercoaster ride of ups and downs, lefts and rights, ones and zeroes, and smoking and not-smoking. But no matter how bad things have got for the Chicago native, he’s always remained poised and diplomatic toward his detractors even though he was well within his rights to do a little yellin’.

Now that his time as president is almost up, every appearance he makes has to potential to turn into a refreshingly blunt airing of grievances, and with Festivus right around the corner perhaps this next interview will be the big one.

On Monday Trevor Noah will chat with his biggest guest yet when he visits the White House for what Comedy Central is calling an “in-depth interview” with Obama who hasn't been on The Daily Show since Jon Stewart's departure. Looks like things might actually go deep this time because the televised event is going to be simulcast across Comedy Central, BET, and MTV in the States, a feat only achievable by someone like Obama or maybe Eddie Murphy. You Canadians can watch on Comedy Monday at 11ep for what will hopefully be a very hopeful chat with the living legend.    

Noah’s been on a roll these days with several interesting interviews surrounding the dawn of Don. To give you an example, here’s his much talked about interview with Tomi Lahren, who isn’t a president but easily could be now that Trump has paved the way for loud pompous types to achieve anything they dream.