If we had the budget for it we’d send all our fans Comedy-branded merchandise for Christmas, like pens, hats, Frisbees, and pizza stones with Trevor Noah’s face on them. Instead you’ll have to settle for premium holiday programming, including marathons, movies, and a few extra special gifts.

Apologies for spoiling the surprise but one such treat is a special sneak peek at People of Earth, a brand new show starring former Daily Show correspondent Wyatt Cenac, starting in February on Comedy. On December 29 we’ll show you the first TWO episodes of the show back-to-back at 1pm ep and 9pm ep, which should get you adequately pumped up.
Cenac plays a journalist investigating a support group for people who claim they’ve been abducted by aliens. Eventually he begins to actually believe this wacky bunch of characters and thus comedic situations are born. The cast is rounded out by some old favourites like Ana Gasteyer and Oscar Nunez, as well as a bunch of new faces including hilarious Canadian improviser, Ken Hall. The whole gang stopped by Conan last night to chat about the show and rather than force you find it yourself, we’ve embedded clips below.

Here’s the aforementioned Ana Gasteyer and a few other cast members talking about their respective roles—they all took vastly different approaches:

There are aliens in this alien show and in this clip Conan asks about their crazy costumes, particularly Ken Hall and his testicular head:

The Office’s Oscar Nunez plays a Catholic Priest, which he was very prepared for:

Former Late Night staple Brian Huskey is also on the show and reflects on his experiences with Conan over the years:

And finally, let’s talk about sex:

Watch the full episode over on Much and keep it locked on Comedy in the new year for more People of Earth!