The last month has not been kind to Carrie Fisher fans, but if you want to remember the late actress-comedian-writer in happier times, be sure to watch Saturday's episode of Just For Laughs: All-Access. Shot at last year's JFL Comedy Festival in Montreal, this evening of stand-up comedy—featuring Cristela Alonzo, Ivan Decker, Joel Greasey, Nathan Macintosh, and Brian Posehn (riffing on his lifelong Star Wars obsession)—is hosted by a wisecracking Fisher.
During the proceedings, she compares herself to Montreal (they both made “questionable financial decisions” and “peaked in the ’70s”), insists that she's “batsh*t crazy,” and even belts out a musical number about addiction. In discussing her career, she makes the requisite Star Wars references, but she also takes the time to remind us that her body-of-work is a little more diverse than some of the recent tributes would suggest. With that in mind, here are some of the comic highlights of Fisher's colourful filmography.



Fisher was still a teenager when she shot her movie debut—and quite possibly the best film of her career (sorry, Star Wars fans)—but that didn’t stop her from getting intimate with a seasoned womanizer (Warren Beatty’s George) twice her age.

The Blues Brothers

One of only two non-Star Wars movies Fisher appeared in during the original trilogy’s run (she also starred in the notorious munchkin movie, Under the Rainbow), The Blues Brothers gave her a chance to play what she calls “a crazy bitch trying to kill John Belushi.”

Amazon Women on the Moon

A few years before she joined forces with director Joe Dante on The ’Burbs—another career highlight—Fisher appeared in Reckless Youth, the director’s best segment in Amazon Women on the Moon. A riff on the alarmist educational films of the ’30s, this absurd cautionary tale mines some of the same territory as Fisher’s more autobiographical work.


When Harry Met Sally…

Following a double date gone wrong, Fisher’s Marie ditches Harry for Bruno Kirby’s Jess. While both actors died prematurely, they lived happily ever after onscreen.


Wishful Drinking

If you think Fisher’s JFL comments are raw and revealing, be sure to check out HBO’s record of her one-woman show. Hearing about shock therapy’s never funny—unless you’re hearing from Carrie Fisher. And yes, she also talks about Star Wars.


For more Fisher, check out her episode of Just For Laughs: All Access on Saturday, January 21 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.