If you’re worried that the not-too-distant future will be rife with mutant dogs scouring the immense radiated plains for human flesh and precious bread, know that at least comedians will provide much needed relief when they revert back to wandering jesters of old, providing hope where there is hopelessness and jokes where there is jokelessness. They’ll become far more valuable than chefs (we’ll be eating sand anyway), cops (no laws in the wastes), fire fighters (nothing left to burn), and teachers (only lesson is how to shoot crude homemade crossbows) combined so it’s probably a good idea to suck up to comics while we still can.
That brings us to Emily Heller, a world class joke slinger whose career trajectory landed her on Conan again last night for a laugh-worthy set. It’s near impossible for anyone to go through their day without talking about that guy who is about to turn the White House into the Fright House© so it’s no surprise that Heller brought him up during her humourous speech, including an apt comparison to an outrageous doggy. If you’re sick and tired of all this talk, don’t worry because she starts off with some great stuff about babies that will seem extra hilarious when babies don’t exist in a year. 

You can watch this FULL episode of Conan over on Much where you’ll also gain access to gabs with Viggo Mortensen (TV’s Aragorn, Son of Arathorn aka Strider, Ranger of the North), and Brian Posehn who wasn’t in Lord of the Rings probably.