If you’re one of those hardcore Comedy Network fans who has a Hotbox tattoo, Picnicface lunchbox, or even the ill-fated Ford Focus Match Game Edition, then you’re likely very familiar with Nathan Macintosh.
The Canadian comic has been featured on Just For Laughs: All Access, Cream of Comedy, and Comedy Now!, which means he’s performed on basically every Canadian-based stand-up television show we got. That’s why we didn’t hold it against him when he moved to New York a few years ago in hopes of becoming the kind of comedian who pops up regularly on American TV where an appearance can translate to real fame as opposed to well-wishing emails from your aunts. Burn on us. We’ve been watching a lot of Roast Battle.  
Last night the hilarious Macintosh proved that leaving Canada was the right move because it led him to Conan where he made American late night debut.  In his set he talks about Americans looking to pack up and move to Canada before joking hard on growing up poor. We couldn’t be prouder of Nathan who is not only a super funny comic but an all-around sweetheart. Congrats buddy!

While you’re here you might as well watch the latest Just For Laughs: All Access where Nathan is featured in an amazing gala hosted by the late great Carrie Fisher: