We’d love to keep gushing about the waves in Justin Trudeau’s stunning chestnut brown hair, but recently he’s forced us to scope out muddy, kelp-heavy political waves that Canadians on the left and right are not too stoked on.

The latest swell concerned the Liberal government’s decision to abandon electoral reform despite it being a key promise during Trudeau’s campaign. It was a tough pill to swallow for liberals who had already endured other broken promises like the approval of oil pipelines.  How has move toward centrism affected Trudeau’s popularity? The Beaverton called upon political analyst Anand Rajaram to explain why, despite breaking promises, Trudeau’s popularity remains high:

You’ll be able to watch this as well as the latest on Marineland’s controversial trainer breeding program, a report on Oshawa’s major drug bust, and the NDP announcing a major political merger, tonight at 10pm on a brand new episode of The Beaverton.