Art Garfunkel. R2-D2. Shawn Michaels. These famous faces would’ve never appeared on your child’s pajamas had they not broken away from their less talented partners to forge their own path in entertainment. The road to solo success is paved with broken hearts, but at the end of that road lays a Wikipedia entry that’s more “YOU” than “THEM”.  
Following a highly successful inaugural season co-anchoring The Beaverton, Miguel Rivas was ready to go it alone without the co-anchorage of Emma Hunter. We here at Bell Media completely respected Rivas’ desire to be unequivocally recognized as the sole star of a show and offered him a shot at superstardom helming a vacancy in our morning division.
Unfortunately for Miguel, our morning slate is already jam packed so we were forced to give him the 4am slot, which would allow him to slowly build a fan base starting with the desirable weirdo, freak and tweaker demographic. The result is Very Very Early Morning Coffee with Miguel, where Rivas welcomes guests from all walks of life to take you from very very early morning, straight into very early morning.
As with all new hosts, Miguel had a bit of trouble adjusting to a new and demanding schedule but we feel he did a great job. You can watch 7 episodes of the show RIGHT NOW with the hand embedded playlist below!