Next time your mom gives you guff for getting stoned and watching movies all day, show her the Wikipedia entry on Doug Benson. As the Snoop Dogg/Willie Nelson/Bill Clinton of comedy, Benson has made a career out of being an unabashed stoner and pop culture freak who shows no ill-effects from years of pot use. Would you believe he’s 54 years old?

He’s now got a brand new show premiering tonight at midnight on Comedy called The High Court where he and a guest bailiff make judgements on real courtroom arguments while very high. It’d be easy for those unfamiliar with Benson to dismiss him as an entitled pothead, but for comedy fans this new show is the logical next step in a successful career that should be the envy of anyone looking to turn what they love into work. Here’s a map of the road that’s led Benson up to the bench of The High Court:

Appearing in as backup dancer in Michael Jackson’s Captain EO in 1986

Doug’s career as an actor started back in the 80s, highlighted by an appearance as a dancer in the Michael Jackson 3D film/Disney attraction, Captain EO. He discussed this wacky experience when he sat down with Matt Gourley on the excellent I Was There Too Podcast which you can listen to

Proving he loves movies with Doug Loves Movies in 2006

Speaking of podcasts, Benson started Doug Loves Movies back in 2006, and after a decade and several hundred episodes, it’s still going strong today. The show features guests from the comedy world chatting with Doug about movies and playing highly competitive games including the now famous “Leonard Maltin Game”.

Experimenting with weed in Super High Me in 2007

After many years spent touring as a comic (including a stint on Last Comic Standing) and taking background and minor speaking roles in stuff like Curb Your Enthusiasm, Mr. Show, and even Friends, Benson made a spoof of anti-fast food documentary Super Size Me. In it, Benson attempted to find out what effect a heavy diet of weed would have on his body and mind, the results of which no doubt helped him become the mega stoner he is today.

Showing off his comedy chops with The Benson Interruption in 2010

Benson has always been great at shredding impromptu riffs, so much so that he basically made it the premise of a Comedy Central show. Stand-ups would perform material in front of an audience while Benson would sit in wait on a throne at the side of the stage, looking for an opportunity to inject his own punchlines into the act.  

Getting high with Doug in Getting Doug with High in 2013

Benson has never been one to hide his fondness for pot so it made sense for him to make a show that’s just that. The show is broadcast at 4:20pm and features guests chatting with Benson while being very high.


Becoming an @midnight legend

Doug is a frequent @midnight guest and was even given his own signature weeklong run the week of January 4, 2016 called the "Benson Bowl," featuring many marijuana-related games.
If you want to see Doug Benson do what Doug Benson does best, get really high and watch this show or don’t get high and watch this show or whatever. It all starts tonight at midnight and will continue to air Monday-Thursday hopefully from now until forever.