Alec Baldwin of the famed Baldwin family has amassed millions of dollars pretending to be people other than Alec Baldwin in countless Hollywood movies, TV shows, and advertisements. His latest role may not be his most lucrative in terms of dollars and cents (that honour would presumably go to his portrayal of “The Shadow”) but it may go down as most famous because the guy he’s pretending to be is the guy who is right now the most famous man in the world next to Jesus himself.
So what goes into portraying an inhuman human like Donald Trump? Allow Alec to tell you himself! The New York native took time out of his presumably busy schedule for an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! show last night.

Legally, he could’ve talked about anything but thankfully for us he discussed his Trump role including how little he prepared for before his first big Saturday Night Live as Trump, the competition among other Trump impressionists, the science behind his Trump angle, and some classic banter between himself and the affable Kimmel.
All-in-all watching this video isn’t a bad way to spend almost five minutes of your life, especially considering it’s free. All we ask in return is that you watch Jimmy Kimmel Live! weeknights at 1:30am, and speak highly of us to your friends and family next time you all get together to talk about your favourite TV channels.