Hey man, the MAN here at Comedy has finally loosened up and has ruled that you dudes deserve to see The High Court on the Internet. So like, they’re letting us post our favourite episode of the week on this website and, um, you can watch it for free no problem. And we’ll keep doing it once a week until we forget or whatever.  Pretty sick, eh?
This week’s ‘High-Light of the Weed’ hehehehe is called “Taken for a Ride” and it’s about this mom and daughter who, uh, there’s something about rent? And like, the daughter needs money from the mom and wants $5000 which is crazy because to some people that’s tons of money, but to rich people that’s like a can of pop… so nuts. There’s all this stuff about promissory notes and shit, something about a sugar daddy, and the mom is all like “But I’m your mom”.
With the help of guest Bailiff Tiffany Haddish (Hashish heheeh) and a giant bong, Judge Doug makes his ruling. You like, gotta watch this and tune your TVs to Comedy Monday – Thursday at midnight for new episodes.