Mike Huckabee is described on Wikipedia as an “American politician, Christian minister, author, musician, and commentator”. Lately, the outspoken Donald Trump supporter has been using Twitter, as many do, to make jokes about current events. Unfortunately, those jokes haven’t hit hard enough for whoever edits his Wikipedia page to add “comedian” to his resume, and this despite the fact that Huckabee has actually spent some time onstage:
Anyway, since most, if not all, great comedians are left-leaning, response to Huckabee’s poor attempts at humour have been lambasted by some of the best in the biz. One of the more vocal opponents to Trump, and by extension Huckabee, is the one and only Patton Oswalt who decided it might be fun to road test some of Huckabee’s greatest Twitter hits on live television.
Last night he took to Jimmy Kimmel Live, transforming the former Masonic Hall into “Yuck Yuckabees”, and delivered Huckabee’s yucks to a tough Hollywood crowd. Decide for yourself whether Huckabee should keep joking or stick to whatever it is he actually does by checking out the set:

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