On the most recent episode of Comedy Bang! Bang!, Orphan Black’s Tatiana Maslany (who plays almost every important character on the show, including protagonist Sarah Manning) and Kristian Bruun (who plays just one character---Donnie Hendrix, the husband of Maslany’s Alison Hendrix) returned to the Comedy Bang! Bang! podcast studio to riff with host Scott Aukerman and an array of other eccentric characters.
Though it was only Maslany’s third time on the podcast, this week’s episode marked Bruun’s induction into the prestigious Comedy Bang! Bang! Five-Timers Club, which Aukerman is quick to point out at the top of the show.  After talking briefly about Orphan Black’s fifth and final season (which they had finished filming only days before recording the podcast), Maslany and Bruun discuss being banned from Comic Con and being ineligible for 2017 Emmy Award nominations. While getting over the fact that Maslany won’t get the chance to maintain a two-year Outstanding Lead Actress winning streak, they cheer up after learning that Kristian Bruun’s real name is technically “Charlie Brown” (with Maslany being the figurative football-pulling Lucy, obviously) and realizing that Tatiana Maslany got Adele Dazeem-ed by Kiefer Sutherland.
Later in the show, Good Night in the Morning radio show hosts Chazmin (Paul F. Tompkins) and Sunny (Lauren Lapkus) join the gang and reveal that they’re not only both blind, but have incredibly weak upper arm strength. Tragic. On the bright side, Sunny is still happily married to Phil Collins (who is doing very badly, apparently).
If all that wasn’t enough, things really get turned up a notch when a pregnant and ready to burst Janice Cramps (Mary Holland) gives “birth” to quintuplets as well as a fully-grown Andrew Dice Clay with the help of a sexually charged Bruun.
And don’t worry---at the end of it all, Scott gets another anticipated dig in at beloved Canadian period drama Murdoch Mysteries (aka The Artful Detective aka “The Elegant Inspector”).
Listen to Maslany, Bruun, Aukerman, Tompkins, Lapkus, and Holland laugh it up on one of the best Comedy Bang Bang! episodes of 2017 down below, and tune into Space on June 10 for the season premiere of Orphan Black!