The late Don Rickles was a true legend of stage and screen, but many will remember him for his numerous late night talk show appearances that span almost the entire history of the format. Even after the golden age of The Tonight Show where Rickles would have Johnny Carson in stitches, “Mr Warmth” continued to appear on shows helmed by a new generation of hosts, never losing his penchant for insults and general hilarity.

One such host is Jimmy Kimmel who developed a deep friendship with Rickles after the comic appeared on his show for the first time back in 2006. With news of his passing, an apologetic Jimmy couldn’t help but dedicate a good chunk of last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live to Rickles, who Kimmel describes as “the greatest talk show guest of all time”.

During his tearful tribute, Kimmel shares stories about their friendship and dinners together, personal letters sent by Rickles, and tons of emotion when talking about the late comic. He concludes it with a highlight reel of Rickles appearances that demonstrate how he never lost the sharp wit that made him one of the funniest people of all time: