It would be massively disrespectful to many Americans including immigrants, the LGTBQ community, the lower class, the middle class, persons of colour, scientists, and women if we were to start this post off by saying something like, “the best part about the Trump presidency is all the great comedy!” Let’s face it, there’s nothing great about the orange toilet that America currently finds itself in. So instead we’ll say that even in these dreadful times where hope only exists on the Barack Obama posters collecting dust in the closets of recent college graduates, comedy is keeping its head above water.
And thanks to a never ending parade of utter clowns stumbling in and out of Team Trump, comedians have had ample opportunity to flex their face muscles by impersonating said clowns for our amusement. The newest chip off the old blonde is Anthony Scaramucci—aka “Mooch”—who was graciously handed the position of communications director thanks to his unwavering love for the president, and probably his ability to make millions of dollars while skirting the rule of law.
With Saturday Night Live off for the summer, the timing of the Mooch hiring is playing right into the tiny hands of The President Show who, according to The Wrap, has found its official portrayer.

It certainly looks as if comedian and Sex and the City star Mario Cantone will don the custom Italian suit and become Scaramucci on tonight’s brand new President Show (watchable on Comedy at 11.30ep).
The latest development comes after the affable Italian American star apparently volunteered to lend his services to SNL thanks to his comedic chops and passing resemblance to Mooch.

This now leaves the door open for someone else to take the role over on NBC, but by the time fall rolls around we’ll probably have gone through at least another three communications directors and Mooch will be relegated to an already crowded chapter on first term firings in the big book of history.
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