Blog posts generally hold no intrinsic valuable because they include words and images that are widely available on other strands of the web. This one’s different because at the time of its posting, the content you’re about to digitally consume are not available anywhere else, meaning we could hashtag it “exclusive” and no jury in the world would convict us of misrepresentation.
Even it weren’t exclusive it’d still be worthy of a bookmark because we’re talking about Sundowners, a brand new film from writer/director Pavan Moondi (Diamond Tongues) starring stars from the worlds of comedy and music and regular acting.

The Canadian-made film stars comedian Phil Hanley as Alex who’s eager to escape his mundane life by accepting a job filming a destination wedding in Mexico courtesy his boss, Tom (played by the incomparable Tim Heidecker). Alex convinces Tom to hire on his buddy Justin (Luke Lalonde of Born Ruffians) who despite not being a photographer, is brought on board as a photographer.
As they drunkenly fumble their way through the gig they encounter a crazy cast of characters played by musicians like Leah Fay Goldstein of July Talk, real actors like Cara Gee from The Expanse, and comedy masters such as Nick Flanagan, Jackie Pirico, James Hartnett, and Chris Locke.
Check out the trailer that you can’t currently check out anywhere else:

If you’re not allowed to stream video wherever you are, here’s the poster that you can print out and glue to your bedroom wall:
Torontonians can take in the Canadian premiere of the film on August 25. Click over to in the coming weeks for information on tickets. Everyone else with access to technology can grab the movie on iTunes starting September 1.