A couple years back we were smoking cigars and sipping brandy in our luxe downtown office, admiring the digital “big board” that tracks the popularity of our programs in real time and patting ourselves on our robe-clad backs for making The Comedy Network Canada’s source for the most biting political comedy on television. But our merriment was momentarily disrupted when our in-house chef reminded us that despite bringing the nation programs like The Daily Show and Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, we didn’t have a homegrown show that people from Moosejaw or Moose Factory could relate to. Thus, we got to work wining and dining the satire masters behind TheBeaverton.com, culminating in the creation of the aptly titled The Beaverton TV show that became a bona fide hit amidst some of Earth’s most trying times.

To those mega-fans who’ve boycotted any other news source—real, fake, or satirical—since the first season concluded, we’re disappointed to report that the world is even scuzzier than before. But buried within that scuzz is a pulsating beacon of crystalline light that today began whispering, “The Beaverton shall return on Wednesday November 1 at 10ep for another lucky 13 episodes!”

Now that you’ve had a couple seconds to digest that, we can move on to telling you about the shiny new features we’ve developed that will ensure every fresh episode of The Beaverton is better than whatever is you will do before watching.

First of all, the show will now tape Mondays in Toronto in front of a live studio audience so that the satire you know and love will arrive hot and topical on Wednesday nights, provided nothing happens on Tuesday. We are now accepting your pleas to come check out a taping so if you’ve got the bandwidth, click on this link and book yourself a spot.

Secondly, we’ve vastly expanded on ways to watch the show but are disappointed to announce that it still won’t be available on Laserdisc. Other than its prime spot Wednesdays at 10ep on The Comedy Network, you can also catch all 13 episodes…

  • Fridays on CraveTV, beginning Nov. 3
  • Sundays at midnight on CTV, beginning Nov. 5
  • Full episodes, episode highlights, and exclusive digital shorts are also available on TheComedyNetwork.ca, TheBeaverton.com, and ComedyGO, after their broadcast premiere.
The crew from Season 1 is back including comedians and co-anchors Emma Hunter and Miguel Rivas, along with correspondents Aisha Alfa, Dave Barclay, Laura Cilevitz, Donavon Stinson, and Marilla Wex, and showrunners Luke Gordon-Field and Jeff Detsky. Since every sequel needs a new character, the show has brought in Sam Bee’s right hand woman and fellow Canadian Allana Harkin as a Consulting Producer! You know Harkin from her amazing work on Full Frontal or maybe she’s your cousin and you know her better than that.

And don’t forget that somehow The Beaverton managed to write a book along with filling a website and writing a TV show. You can order
The Beaverton Presents Glorious and/or Free: The True History of Canada now, or visit your local bookseller on October 31 unless your local bookseller is like the one from The Neverending Story because October 31 is Halloween and if that guy was planning on trapping you in a book that’s probably the day he’d do it.